The world’s first thickness control process of invar satisfies the thickness variation for evaporation process of OLED with less waviness, curling and surface roughness. The world’s best laser ablation technology enables us to make more precise and various FMM for higher resolution or narrow bezel of OLED

  • FMM Stick
  • Flexibility of Laser Processed Mask


The multi-k ppi FMM for brighter micro OLED can be realized by maximizing benefits of our own thickness control process and laser processing technology.
  • 1,100 ppi

  • 2,050 ppi

  • 3,100 ppi

  • 4,700 ppi

  • 6,200 ppi

Open Metal Mask

OMM (Open Metal Mask) made by laser process has been developed for various application. Laser process brings our customers a remarkable improvement of accuracy and high flexibility in shape on evaporation process of common layer.
  • Open Metal Mask
  • Embossing Structure on Invar

Non-Metal Mask

Photo-mask-less laser processing enables the production of special pattern masks according to the diversification of form factors, effectively meeting the customer's demand for small-volume masks for R&D purposes. In addition to Invar, we have accumulated laser processing experience of various materials such as Glass, Polyimide, and SUS, and we aim for continuous development as an ultra-precision laser processing material company.

  • Glass Mask
  • Polyimide Mask