• To increase the resolution of the mask, the invar sheet must be thinner.
  • Below 8㎛ of thickness with smooth surface roughness can be achieved by self-developed slimming technology to make over 3,000ppi of FMM for µOLED.


Key Process Feature of Fine Patterning


Fine Laser Patterning

  • fs Laser : Cold ablation by ultrashort pulse duration
  • Mask projection : Finely controlled shaping
  • Unique process : Thermal effect management

Total Solution

  • Thin metal sheet, laser process, auto-cleaning, inspection and measurement

Various High-precision Products

  • Ultra-high resolution metal mask
  • Glass & PI mask


  • During laser processing, the cold ablation process using USPL, the beam shaping optical system, and the thermal effect free method do not produce the melted burr. However, the ablation process generates the melted burr around the processing unit.
  • Our cleaning technology has been developed specifically for the removal of the melted burr from the ablation process during laser processing.
  • Our cleaning facilities are fully automated to completely remove the debris.


  • Our inspection technology enables a variety of measurements specialized in laser-processed patterns. It measures the size and location of the pattern, as well as the 3D shape, with nano-class precision.
  • In addition, foreign object detection for um-class size can be performed simultaneously.
  • These measurements and detections can be carried out by simple operations, and tens of millions of processing holes can be fully inspected at once.